Scanning & Reserve Engineering

Geomagic Control polygonal mesh by PES UK Ltd.

Laser line scanners have many advantages over contact or hard probing. The main advantage is the speed of data acquisition at up to 460,000 points/sec enabling a complex freeform surface to be inspected in minutes.

The capabilities of laser line scanning for inspection are best showcased when used with nominal CAD data. Using a number of different 3D Dimensional Inspection Software, PES can create colour or vector maps showing whether a part meets or exceeds tolerances in a multitude of formats to meet your needs.

Geomagic Control polygonal mesh by PES UK Ltd.

Point cloud data generated by a laser line scanner can then be used to create polygonal meshes, NURBS patch and feature-based editable solid models. These models can then be used to manufacture new tooling or altered to remove wear from the original artefact or changed to allow rapid prototyping.

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