Leica AT901 inspecting a large steel fabrication by PES UK Ltd.

PES Inspection services cover large volume objects such as steel and aluminium fabrications, machined parts, assemblies, composites, tooling, mould tools and sheet metal components using 3 or 6 degree of freedom laser trackers.

Romer portable CMM measuring a Stolle angle plate by PES UK Ltd.

PES also inspect small volume items with our high accuracy scanning and probing arms, which offer contact and non-contact assessment of surfaces and geometry alike. Whether the dimensional inspection data is captured via laser tracker or portable CMM, PES are able to produce custom measurement reports to suit your needs. PES utilise a range of 3D measurement software which include: SpatialAnalyzer, Polyworks, Metrolog X4, Delcam PowerInspect and Geomagic Control by matching the strengths of each measurement package with the requirements of the task at hand.

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