Geomagic Control 3D Inspection of Leica demo tool by PES UK Ltd.


PES dimensional inspection services cover small and large parts, assemblies and fabrications. PES offers both contact and non-contact subcontract measurement services using portable CMM arms and 3 & 6 DoF laser trackers. Inspection can be made relative to 2D drawings or 3D CAD models with GD&T. With four different measurement softwares, PES can deliver detailed reports to meet your needs.

Large volume metrology installation by PES UK Ltd.


PES have over 36 years of alignment expertise gained in a global marketplace. We have experience of aligning machinery up to 600 tonnes and control measurement uncertainty in networks exceeding 27,000m3. Our fleet of instruments include 3 & 6 DoF Laser Trackers, Arms, Total Stations (reflectorless measurement) and EasyLasers for on/offshore projects. PES have the alignment expertise to ensure your tolerances are met on the most demanding projects.

Aerospace jig build by PES UK Ltd.


PES build and certify jigs & fixtures primarily for the aerospace and automotive industries. We also offer recertification and rectification services to ensure your jigs and fixtures stay well within tolerance for the life of the tool.

Romer arm scan of BWF Fixator, Geomagic Design X reverse engineering and 3D printing PES UK Ltd.

Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Using our Leica AT901 with T-Scan or high accuracy scan arms, PES is able to scan complex freeform or prismatic parts for either inspection or reverse engineering. For reverse engineering PES use either Polyworks, Geomagic Design X or Geomagic Wrap to capture point cloud data, create a polygonal mesh, NURBS patch and feature-based editable solid CAD models.

Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping by PES UK Ltd.

3D Printing solutions

With additive manufacturing (AM) on the rise, PES now offer a turn key solution including: scanning of an existing artefact, reverse engineering and 3D printing of the final design. This service is popular for prototyping as well as for working parts. An example workflow: scan a worn or damaged part, reverse engineer a solid CAD model recreating any damaged or eroded features and then print the part as new in a range of materials and colours.

Precision machine installation using Laser trackers by PES UK Ltd.

Precision Machine Installation

PES has been carrying out precision installation of large machinery for over 36 years. Examples of worldwide installations include large test equipment for the renewable energy sector, printing presses, CMMs, CNCs and bedplates to name but a few.

Leica and Faro laser tracker hire by PES UK Ltd.


PES offer short, medium and long term hire of our 3 and 6 DoF laser trackers. We also offer measurement accessories, tripods and stands of varying weights, laptops and measurement software which include: SpatialAnalyzer, Polyworks, Metrolog X4, Delcam PowerInspect, Geomagic Control, Design X and Wrap.

Leica and Faro laser arm hire by PES UK Ltd.


PES offer 6 and 7 axis portable CMM rental for probing and scanning work. All of PES’s measurement arms are high accuracy instruments and come complete with calibration artefacts for onsite verification of instrument accuracy and repeatability. The arms also come with magnetic bases for work on steel measurement surfaces and/or Brunson tripods to give you maximum flexibility of measurement location.

Leica Total Station hire by PES UK Ltd.


PES offer Total Station hire which have advantages over laser trackers in some environments. As well as being more sensitive to tighter budgets, Total Stations also offer the ability to measure a greater number of targets as well as reflectorless measurement with their EDM (Electronic Distance Meter).

Easy Laser E915 hire by PES UK Ltd.

Easy-Laser® E915 Hire

PES hire Easy-Laser® systems for on and off shore shaft alignment, flange flatness verification and levelling. See the result as a true 3D image in the display unit directly after measuring.

Metrology Assisted Automation by PES UK Ltd.

Metrology Assisted Automation

Using our Leica AT901LR with T-Probe device, PES offer automation integration solutions for robotic inspection and metrology assisted assembly cells. PES is also able to track the precise position and orientation of the robot’s end effector and deliver high accuracy robotic path verification and correction services.

3D Measurement Software: SpatialAnalyzer training by PES UK Ltd.


Our instructors are fully certified to Advanced level and have at least five years experience as SA users on small and large volume measurement jobs using a variety of instruments and spanning industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Energy sectors.

3D Measurement Software: Geomagic Reseller PES UK Ltd.


PES is proud to be official Geomagic resellers in the UK and Ireland. We offer training in Geomagic Control, Design X and Wrap. Certificates are provided for trainees who pass the course.

Offshore Alignment Services by PES UK Ltd.


PES offer on and offshore shaft alignment, flange flatness verification and levelling using Easy-Laser® systems. Total Stations are also used to provide dimensional control in harsh environments.

Steam Turbine Retrofit - Alignment by PES UK Ltd.

Turbine Retrofit

PES offer alignment support for Steam & Gas Turbine Retrofits for Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Power Stations worldwide. Our team of skilled metrology engineers regularly travel to global locations and are accustomed to working 12.5 hour shifts as part of a team to give around the clock coverage. Our reporting style is flexible, we complete customer templates as well as supplying a PES Dimensional Inspection Report. Current work locations include Europe, USA and Asia.

UKAS CMM & Arm Certification by PES UK Ltd.

CMM & Arm Certification

PES now offer verification or re-certifications on CMMs and Arms, the service is carried out following ISO 10360-2: 2009 and ISO 10360-5:2010 standards and is supplied with a UKAS certificate. Both the Arm and CMM verifications are available onsite or just Arm verification from our UKAS temperature controlled laboratory based in the UK.

Metrology Drift Nests & Accessories by PES UK Ltd.


PES is official resellers of Brunson tooling as well as creating our own custom accessories. These include anodised 1.5" drift nests with 3 points of contact and a C-clip magnet.


We have delivered many projects varying in size, complexity and geographical location.

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